Great Start to the 2nd part of the season

After a long summer break SeaScape 18 Class was back to business this weekend. For the first time MonoCup Sailing fleet joined the big Keelboat racers for the Val Navtika Cup.

15th SeaScape's joined by 35 Sailboats in Open Classes made for some tight mark roundings. Eustahije - CRO 025 helmed by Ratko Stibric dominated day 1 with 1,2,1 scoreline and an excelent speed upwind it was clear that the fight for the overall lead will be very close with Jan Kobler on SLO 200 the only boat who could past the Croatians in 2nd race.

Day 2 started with no wind but as the race course was set for navigation from Izola-Koper-Izola-Piran-Izola race committe decided to start on time. In the first part of the race day 1 leaders rounded mark 1 first but where quickly catched by the rest of the fleet. Best route back to Izola was chosen by Bullitt - SLO 008 the oldest boat in the fleet with Miha Bajic at the helm and Dejan Presen calling Tactics. As the wind was building from behind the 2nd part of the race was again tricky as the boats were racing againts the clock.

The weekend winner with a big lead was Ratko Stibric on Eustahije with SLO 200 on 2nd and SLO 008 on 3rd.